2020 Custom Closet Organization System

Customized wooden organization systems for any size closet. The pictures in this post are from a large master bedroom walk-in closet. It measured roughly 20ft. × 7ft., It included two long clothes hanging rods, three short clothing rods. A set of four 24″ shelves that span inbetween the four drawer towers with 25″ shaker cabinet doors. 1 – 5 wire basket shelving unit, and two open shoe racks that combined will hold fifteen pairs of shoes.

Beginning Lumber. This is what I started with.

Both towers as well as the wire basket shelving and two towers were mounted six inches above the finished floor. Then mounted to the wall. There are a few pictures from beginning to end. Starting with the pile of lumber I used to handbuild everthing after the first manufacturer did not have the color available that the customer wanted.

5 basket wire shelving unit

Finally everything had been cut, sanded, dry fit and painted two coats. Now it was time to deliver & install the new closet system on site. Here is a collage of finished project photos.

We offer free estimates, and can design system for you, assist you with design ideas, or just install a system you have already purchased. You can schedule a free in-person or new video estimate today by visiting our website at: https//honeysdolist.com/free-estimate/

You can also schedule a free estimate by phone or text by contacting:

April. at: 859-519-0980 office. Daniel at: 859-339-6241 mobile We look forward to serving you now and in the future. Thank you for your business. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find links to follow us on social media. Until next time, Enjoy!!


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