This Bookcase has a Secret…

We are currently working on a project to finish a basement. In the back we built room for a in-home office. But there was more unfinished storage space past that. So we needed some sort of door or something to block it off, but still be able to have access, when needed. So I decided to get a little creative with this one. I had seen an article some time back about a secret door. So I decided to see if we could make that happen. We did, and it Came out wonderfully. It even has a book you have to tilt backwards to release the latch. Just like the movies… Lol Below are some pictures & a video of the finished product. Along with a brief description of how it all came together.

I started by building a bookcase from cabinet grade plywood just slightly smaller than the door opening. I used the same hinges that I had read about in the article I mentioned before. ( SOSS Hinges) they worked great. But they’re latching mechanism wouldn’t work in my case, because their bookshelf opened out and I need this one to open in. It took me about a day to fabricate up something that would work for my particular situation. I ended up using the guts out of an old door knob some picture hanging wire and a couple of eye bolts. I found an old book with a good hard cover and used it for the opening mechanism.

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Anything big or small ordinary or outrageous we are ready to take on the challenge. Thanks to everyone who like and shares. Please click the follow button on our webpage and follow us on social media. I hope I can build a few more of these someday. Next I think we might try some secret compartment furniture or something.


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